My Brush With Fame…

When I post to my blog, it’s pretty much for my own benefit. I like writing and it gives me a chance to vent about all of my various trials and tribulations (which are, as my tens of loyal readers are well-aware, legion…)  Of course, I also post all of the amusant things posted by other blog writers more skilled than I…  Oh, and cat videos!

At any rate, my family and friends seem to enjoy reading my blog, so I keep an eye on my page view stats and any comments left…  I get maybe 20 views a day – a great day is in the 40s…  And maybe a couple of comments a week…  So on Friday, I posted Lady Gaga’s new video for “Telephone.” I actually almost didn’t bother, since it seemed like every site on the interwebs had already posted it.  But I double-checked the Gay Agenda and discovered that I was in fact required to post it – apparently, Gaga has been a real boon for our ongoing recruitment drive…  So I posted it.  And not too long afterward, I noticed there were 7 comments on this post – an unusually high number in and of itself…  Even stranger, the comments were all from people I didn’t know…

Then I checked my page views – and they were over 400…  I think I actually exclaimed “WTF?” aloud (and yes, I really speak in texting acronyms – LOL!).  So then I checked to see where the traffic is coming from – and I discovered my post was one of ten featured each day on the homepage. OMGWTFSTFU!

Behold my glory...

Yes, I realize it’s just some sort of random chance that got me up there, but wow – I was positively giddy!  I don’t know why, but there is something powerfully gratifying about having a bunch of strangers read what I’ve written.  Guess I’m just an aspiring fameball like everyone else who blogs…  Of course, part of me was disappointed that the post itself was really just a “hey, cool video!” instead of something that showed off a bit more of my modest skills as a writer – but beggars can’t be choosers…  and a rather lively (and civil) discussion of “Gaga: Pro or Con?” is taking place in the Comments section…

Of course, I’m sure to be disappointed next week when my page view counts returns to the teens…  But now I have a bit more incentive to write – kinda like playing the slots in Vegas…  Once you’ve hit a jackpot, you gotta keep playing ’til you hit it again…

I think this is what's known in statistics as an "outlier"...

5 thoughts on “My Brush With Fame…

  1. I’m one of the people who stumbled upon your blog b/c it’s listed on the home page, but I will return b/c I find your writing enjoyable. (I especially liked the part about the Gay Agenda)

    Congrats on the brush with fame 🙂

  2. This was inspiring for me to read. I have been blogging for a few months now and never have high stats. I usually get 8-40 views per day and I it is nice to hear someone breaking out of that. Also, I read your gaga entry and I love that video. What a great thing to share, I posted it on my facebook! LOVE GAGA & BEYONCE!

  3. DUDE. Okay, I admit it. I clicked on your blog cos of the feature thingy. BUT. I commented because of the above post. I too, know the 20ish hits a day feeling. I think I’m totally suited to being famous but apparently only my friends and family think so. Which is just shattering. But I tell you what. You now have a loyal follower you don’t know! And I promise to comment heaps. Because MAN I love with that little red number comes up.

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